um dia a cidade parou

The wind blew softly, the trees knew not if they should be bare. Overwhelming silence. The world watched in disbelief as it tried to make sense of what was happening. Distant at first, until they realized, one by one, that they would also experience this reality.

That day the city stopped.

Today, deprived of the normality of those days, we look for a new one. We let ourselves be surrounded by platitudes, sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of comfort. This protects us from the uncertainty of what is and what will be. We are all in the same boat, even more so than in the 16th century, when that was literal.

The city remains still.

Photobook Clube de Lisboa promotes the collaborative project “Quanto tempo tenho que esperar para que a realidade se torne extraordinária?” who came to give new life to an old desire.

The result is the book "um dia a cidade parou". The third installment of the series “this is not quite a Zine” that continues the travel photography, this time in a decontextualized geography, which proposes to reflect on our current situation, temporary change (?) of our social habits, isolation and relations.

Photography Rui Pedro Esteves
Text Rui Pedro Esteves
Language português
Page count 50
Publisher Barba ao Vento and Susana Paiva
Publishing date 2020