Terms and Conditions

All in a Good Faith Spirit


At barbaaovento.pt you will find the following functionalities: Electronic Commerce with payment via electronic means. Articles relevant to photography, beard in the wind or opinion publications. Contact form and registration in Newsletter. All features are available through the WordPress platform, using complementary solutions when necessary. All platforms used respect the GDPR privacy conditions.

On-Site purchases

The publications available for purchase are published by Barba ao Vento or with the participation of Rui Pedro Esteves as photographer, writer or editor.

Purchases are made through this site. Payment by Credit Card and Paypal are allowed. Payment methods are not saved for future use.

The customer can choose to create an account where they will provide their personal data (name, email and password). You also have the possibility to save delivery and billing addresses for use at the time of purchase.


Returns are accepted for products that show signs of damage at the time of delivery. For this purpose, you must contact us and indicate the order number, problems encountered within 15 days of the date of purchase. Contacts available here.

Return costs will be paid for by the customer.

The return will be made upon receipt of the damaged item and by the same means of payment.

Brand and Rights

The brands and logos displayed on the site are the exclusive property of their respective owners and you may not use the trademarks without the prior written consent of their owners.

Misuse of the platform

We created this platform in good faith and assume that our customers do so in the same spirit. Any use in bad faith, with the intention of harming the functioning of the website, harming the brand, or of a fraudulent nature, will be the target of blocking access to the platform and/or legal action.

We are here to participate positively in the Universe of independent publishing of photographic works and nothing more. We count on all those who interact with us to do so in the same spirit.