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In the Vila of Santa Maria, Isle of Sal in Cape Verde, there is a small pier that is an absolute delight. The pier is a mandatory stop by. It's where the fisherman set out to sea, where the tourists start their nautical adventures, where everyone enjoys diving into the Atlantic.

"contos do pontão" is presented as a one sheet book. A reading arrangement is proposed to the reader, but it's up to the reader to decide how to interpret the narrative.

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On the Santa Maria pier on Sal Island in Cape Verde, life happens. It is a gathering of realities. It is a point in the city of Santa Maria that marks the division between the tourist area and the local area. A point where people of all origins and places of numerous interests mingle.

From the youngest ones taking advantage of the pier as a diving ramp, to tourists embarking on sea tours, to fishermen who are now returning from their daily chores.

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