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In mid-March 2020, the first mandatory confinement due to Covid-19 started in Portugal. The whole world stopped. In the following months, Rui Pedro Esteves photographed his new reality. A new World with only 70 m2. Day after day. Yesterday merges with tomorrow. Mixed together in an endless pool of melancholy. The inaudible touch of the drum that marks the passage of time. The tyrannical inertia sets in. The fog of isolation erodes thought.

In mid-March 2021 the certainty that uncertainty will continue. Photography served as an understanding, sharing it, acceptance.

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Relearning to live the space in the confinement that COVID-19 forced us to do is the motto that launches this work. Our reality is reduced to the walls that define the limits of our physical reality.

Rediscover our borders through the photographic record. Recover the joy of being alone.

In an unusual format for Rui Pedro Esteves, the journey is made through themes that revolve around an intimate and quite small territory.

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