For generations it touched the lives of countless workers and their families. A staple in the local region and in the merchant navy. Nica Paixão revisited its charismatic shipyard and offices in 2009, over a decade after her first day at work there. LISNAVE has a special place, her memory, in between memories of work and of abandonment. The glory of one of the biggest shipyards in Portugal and its decline at the turn of the millenium.

In a rare foray into colour, Nica Paixão records the imposing enclosure through oxidation and abandonment, in order to find what has deeply marked her for more than two decades.

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Nica Paixão was born in Lisbon and raised in Almada. She has always liked photography because her grandfather was lucky to be a photographer since she was born. In her younger years she liked x-rays because they smelled like developer. She has 2 Irish children, 2 German Shepherds and a Podenga and 2 cats. Feels "transmontana" because the mountain is everything. More could be said, but it would be superfluous.

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Nica Paixão


Nica Paixão


Nica Paixão


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Barba ao Vento

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July 2022