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In .PERSEVERANTIA , Gonçalo T. Matias uses his archive to reflect visually on facets of his identity. Incorporating his photographic practice of an experimental nature, the author builds a fictional field notebook, rooted in the notes of his archive.

The themes of the intimacy and territory, fill the pages of .PERSEVERANTIA punctuated by personal issues of relationships and decisions. This is a deeply personal work where the portrayed territory takes on new meanings.

Inspired by the notebook that Artur Pastor built for the Direção-Geral de Extensão Rural, do Ministério da Agricultura e Pescas, in the 20th century, entitled “A fotografia e a agricultura”, .PERSEVERANTIA adopts the binomial Fact Sheet and Image as the vehicle for the guide the reader through the work. This duality, in form and content, allows the exploration of two parallel but distinct narratives that use the same route to discourse on different aspects of Gonçalo T. Matias.

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.PERSEVERANTIA is a photographic archival work that reflects in the narrative the different dimensions of the practice of Gonçalo T. Matias.

As a craftsman, Gonçalo T. Matias uses the large-format 4×5 cameras he built himself in his photographic practice. With incessant search for new knowledge, for the discovery of the photographic process.

Gonçalo T. Matias embraces the failure of the process with the same intensity as the success. Assume error as part of the path to knowledge.

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