não vão daqui a pensar mal disto

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Lisbon in the singular. A small chunck of Portugal streaching out to the west. A County without parishes.
In here everyone knows each other, if not by name, at least from sight. Few are the ones that don’t say hello every time they cross path with you, even if they don’t yet know your name.
They make you feel welcome.
Those that are no in a hurry, walk, those that are, drive. The Caldron is their presentation card, but it’s their welcoming manner and hospitality that will endure in your memory.
You can eat in two places, a meat sandwich in the Fireman’s bar or a fish soup and grilled fish at the local restaurant. The hassle of the first set against the tranquility of the second. Both a delight in their own way.
At the end of the day it’s the sound of the ocean, the dancing of the waves and their dialog with the volcanic rock that will enchant you.
As a goodbye Mr. Manuel says – Don’t go away thinking ill of here.


Island of Corvo, Azores, Portugal.

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Corvo Island, Azores is the backdrop for this photographic work by Rui Pedro Esteves.

The feeling of being in one place, just and alone, is the character of this narrative. The intense fog is accompanied by a melancholy that envelops and lulls. The sound of the ocean dialoguing with the volcanic rock is mesmerizing. The passage of time takes on its own irregular rhythm.

Photographing the island of Corvo, Azores, in black and white, accentuates these aspects so that the reader can also be there, at the most western point of Portuguese territory.

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