Zacchaee, festinans descende, nam hodie in domo tua oportet me manere


Zaccheus é a character from the Bible, tax collector, ugly and unloved. One day he climbed to the top of a tree to see the arrival of Jesus Christ, such was the size of the crowd that surrounded him. It's by that time that Zaccheus receives an invitation that will forever change the way he is seen for the rest of the history.

"Zaccheus, hurry and come down, for today I must stay at your house"

The invitation done by Jesus Christ to Zaccheus gives the name to this work about the Church of Graça and its community. Its an invitation to you as well, the reader, to be part of this symbiosis between this space and its inhabitants. An invitation to testify the way this community uses this space, united by their beliefs, but not only.

A work about community and its relationship with their church. People and Space.

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A reflection on the use of the space of Igreja da Graça, Lisbon, by its community, where pinhole photography is used as a means of communication.

With long exposure times, between 1 second and five hours, human presence is reduced to anonymity, leaving only presence and space.

For 2 years Rui Pedro Esteves visited this space and witnessed the life that permeated the space of this peculiar Church. From the most obvious cult of faith, to the most unusual social celebration. From the delicious "Cozidos à Portuguesa", to the experiences of the community. Film recording using stenopeic cameras made of simple cardboard.

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Rui Pedro Esteves


Rui Pedro Esteves, Pe Jorge Dias


Teresa Gomes, Catarina Correia de Sampaio


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June 2019